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About us

Being present for over 7 years on the Romanian market, Sun Food is one of the most important brands of preserved food form Romania. Our range of products is extremely varied, containing fruit, vegetables and tinned fish, all products being made of qualitative and carefully selected raw materials.

The values which stay at the bottom of the Sun Food brand recommend us constant quality, varied choices, health, optimism and a modern approach, made to bring flavor to fruit and vegetables in the customer’s kitchen.

By choosing us you have the opportunity to cook healthy food because Sun Food represents our attention for a correct alimentation. Sun Food preserved food represents a qualitative and healthy alternative.

We plead for the importance of a healthy balanced and rich in vitamins and minerals alimentation. This is why we pay attention that in the processing of our preserved food there aren’t used any food additives. Our experts carefully choose fresh fruit, vegetables and fresh fish so that to offer our customers the possibility to enjoy the taste and flavor of preserved food according to the traditional procedure. This aspect is as important as scientific researchers showed that, when being preserved in an adequate way, these products keep fully unchanged their nutritional qualities.

All Sun Food products are genetically unaltered just because we lay a great stress on quality and health.

Sun Food tinned food can be included without any fear in adults alimentation but also for babies. This can be possible because of the low concentration of sugar and salt. For example, peeled tomatoes have 0% water addition and the pineapple contains just 5,4% sugar, while the great majority of other existing brands on the market add on average 16% sugar.

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